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Emergency Fiber Optic Restoration Services

Highlander provides a 24/7 365 day fiber optic response and restoration service. Our multiple splice teams allow us to respond to every fiber optic emergency. Our splice response team is onsite within 2 hours and in position to provide emergency restoration or begin underground construction and restoration.

Featured Projects

800 MHZ Police and Fire Network Repair: Emergency response and repair for the emergency network for Baltimore City 911 and Fire network. The 24/7 365 day emergency response contract covers a 54 mile network. Highlander Contracting provides emergency damage location and repair services. Highlander responds within one hour and begins damage location and emergency restoration within 2 hours.

Level 3 Communications Telecommunication Provider: Highlander provides 24/7 365 emergency response and repair for Level 3 Communications in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Our Mid-Atlantic response team consists of 5 fiber optic splice teams and numerous aerial and underground construction teams. Our response team is on site within one hour and providing repair services within two hours. Our ability to provide multiple in house crews allow Highlander to provide a true turnkey emergency restoration service.

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