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Highlander Contracting provides site improvement, drainage structures, utility pole foundations, and manhole construction for various local Utility providers.

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Notchcliff Propane Facility: Highlander provided a custom drainage solution in a confined and sensitive space for the new generator access project. The drainage solution structure required all of our team members to be onsite safety trained and security clearances to enter the facility. The unique solution required custom concrete forms and remote concrete pumping delivery solutions.

Notchcliff Propane Facility Vaporizer Area Canopy Project: Highlander provided demolition, excavation and new concrete construction for the grade beams, concrete floor and pole foundations.

Back River Treatment Plant Facility: Highlander Contracting installed new concrete encased electrical and communication duct bank and manholes for contract Baltimore City # 8256. The environmentally sensitive project required constant coordination with Plant operators.

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