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Municipal Maintenance Contracts

Conduit Various Locations Baltimore City Contract: Highlander Contracting provides on a daily basis numerous crews to provide maintenance for Baltimore City’s DPW conduit system. The over ten million conduit feet system requires extensive duct cleaning, repairing, excavation and new installation. The DPW contract requires extensive coordination with traffic officers, Baltimore City inspectors and the general public. The 4 million dollar annual contract requires Highlander’s crews to be well versed with excavators, power rodding machines, confined space safety and maintenance of traffic.

Fiber Optic Installation Contract for MOIT: Our extensive knowledge and cost effective methods make Highlander the perfect bid for Baltimore City’s Fiber Contractor. We have been awarded this contract numerous times and have used this contract vehicle to support the Mayor’s Office of Information Technology (MOIT). With this contract Highlander provides all of the fiber optic solutions for Baltimore City. This contract value is over 6 million dollars.

CCTV Maintenance Contract: This three year Baltimore City contract is for the maintenance of Baltimore City’s CCTV network. The contract requires Highlander to coordinate with the Baltimore City Police Department Crime Watch Camera network.

Cable and Wire Contract: This three year Baltimore City contract is for the maintenance and installation of interior copper and data wire networks. The contract requires Highlander to respond to routine data drops and full scale building upgrades.

CCTV Camera Casino Project: This add on task order is an example of Highlander Contracting’s ability to design and construct a fiber CCTV network for the new downtown casino. The fast track project required over 3,000 linear feet of new conduit and manholes to be installed in less than three weeks. The extensive project required coordination with the building trades and a complete concrete road reconstruction.

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