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Directional Drilling - Installation of Security Camera for Pimlico Race Track - Backbone and Lateral Construction Project - Highlander Contracting CompanyBackbone & Lateral Installation

Our in-house construction crews allow Highlander Contracting to provide a complete turnkey solution for our clients. Our ability to provide a trenchless solution via our directional bore rigs and support vehicles allow us to operate without disruption of the existing infrastructure. In environments where directional drilling is prohibited, Highlander Contracting’s fleet of excavators, trucks and soft dig equipment provides cost effective open trench solutions. Fiber Optic cable installation with our mobile hydraulic fiber pullers and fiber reel carriers allow Highlander to install almost any cable length in any installation configuration.

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Installation and overbuild of Baltimore City Police and Fire Backbone Network: Highlander Contracting engineered and installed over 38 miles of a fiber optic backbone and conduit. The fast track installation was a combination of directional bore, open cut trenching and installation through the DPW conduit system. The project was completed in time and under budget.

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